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What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels

What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels

What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels

If you ask most people what normal cholesterol levels are, chances are they could not tell you. Most people know that having high cholesterol is a bad thing, but they do not know how high is too high.

Normal cholesterol levels range is below 100 LDL. LDL stands for low density lipoprotein, and is also known as bad cholesterol. If you are a man above 35 or a woman above 45, you should have your cholesterol levels checked routinely. If your LDL number is between 100 and 129 you are considered near optimal. 130-159 LDL is considered borderline high. 160-189 LDL is high, and above that is very high. If you have heart disease or blood vessel disease you should get your LDL under 70. If you have diabetes, your LDL goal should be less than 100.

High density lipoprotein is also known as good cholesterol. With good cholesterol, the higher the number the better off you are. HDL takes the bad cholesterol out of your blood. So if you have a big number of good cholesterol, you will not have a big risk of bad cholesterol building up in your arteries. You will be protected from heart disease. Here is the number breakdown for HDL. Above 60 is optimal and helps lower the risk of heart disease. Less than 40 in men and 50 in women is low and considered a risk for heart disease.

Your total blood cholesterol is a measure of LDL and HDL. Doctors recommend that it is below 200. If it is 200-239 it is borderline high. Above that is considered high.

Cholesterol is necessary in the body. It is used to build and maintain cell membrane walls. However, it has become a problem due to the dietary habits of today’s society. Since animal products have become the main staple of society, secondary cholesterol is consumed at a high rate. Excess cholesterol is dumped in the arteries where it builds up until the arteries are clogged and heart disease happens.

It is possible to redeem past dietary mistakes. If you eat a diet that is rich in fibre and foods that are low in bad cholesterol, your cholesterol will go down. Increasing the amount of good cholesterol in the body is the best way to get it taken care of. This is done by losing weight and doing a lot of moderate exercise. Also having a small bit of alcohol every once in a while will help to boost HDL levels.

You can also take drugs called statins which inhibit the livers ability to produce more cholesterol. They can help to lower cholesterol out of the serious risk range. But they should be taken only as long as it takes to get the levels down. You should change your diet and exercise habits to maintain your cholesterol levels naturally.

Knowledge is power. So if you know what normal cholesterol levels are, you will keep a good plan to keep them where they should be.

Knowledge of Normal Cholesterol Level Can Help You Stay Healthy

In the natural state and with the right amounts, the normal cholesterol level will be quite essential to the body. The presence of the component is a support in the creation of other body components. However, when the normal cholesterol level is exceeded by the person’s levels, then this can be quite harmful to the body. In the long run, if the level and dose of cholesterol are left untreated, the person’s life can be in danger. The usual internal system of the person can produce as much as eighty percent o the total cholesterol while the remaining amount is derived from the foods that you eat.

Serious Health Concerns

The person who is concerned about his well-being is someone who will take the right step in decreasing his cholesterol. For most, the normal cholesterol level will mean living a life free from serious health problems that will be dangerous in the long run. When the human system is now composed of a far higher than the normal cholesterol level, they become afflicted with the hardening of the arteries. In time, this will lead to an increase in blood pressure and perhaps to other cardiovascular diseases.

When you take note of the normal cholesterol level, this means that you are starting to get concerned about your health. This means, in medical science, the normal cholesterol level would be two hundred milligrams of cholesterol for every decilitre of blood. The normal amounts would be those that are below the stated limits. For those that are in the 200 to 239 mg/dl, this can be a borderline scenario that needs to be treated to help the body regain normal cholesterol levels. It is also important that the body should be equipped with the proper amount of both good and bad cholesterol.

In taking the time to review the normal cholesterol level, you need to focus on the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol that you have. If the body will become equipped with the high amounts of cholesterol, it is more than likely that it can suffer from health and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. Good cholesterol, meanwhile, can help the persons’ system and health.

The normal cholesterol level, in a sense, should not exceed the hundred milligrams per decilitre of blood. For those that are in the borderline level, the measurement would be around 100 to 129 milligrams per decilitre. Measurements that exceed the 190 milligrams per decilitre are an extreme condition of high cholesterol levels.

The process is quite simple. When the body is infused with high amounts of good cholesterol, it can use it to its advantage. On the other hand, the high amounts of the cholesterol from the normal cholesterol level can be quite harmful to the body. With the right amount of food intake and exercise, you would have a better chance of controlling it.

Normal Cholesterol Means Lengthy and Strong Life

Though normal cholesterol ensures wellness and it is a must for the better performing of your body, it is taken very seriously when it starts to harm your body. This element in control can be beneficial, but excess of it can lead to various centre related conditions such as cardiac arrest, heart stroke or coronary artery disease. Hence, much priority is given in preventing or maintaining normal cholesterol varies.

There are numerous programs available to cure cholesterol principles because it might turn out to be a fantastic in cover. Elevated normal cholesterol does not show any symptoms, after which you can start your treatment or medication. You need to keep a continuous watch on it through frequent blood flow tests.

The most simple and easy way to get rid of excessive blood flow cholesterol is through medicines available at pharmacy. Around 80% of the cholesterol in your human is produced naturally in the liver organ and the rest of it is acquired through the foods that you eat every day.

Dietary fat is usually acquired through fish, meat, chicken and milk products. This cholesterol then gets consumed into the blood flow. Your liver organ consumes in multi-tasking with the normal cholesterol – it produces this material and eliminates it from the blood flow or creates into the system. If the fat in your blood flow is properly used your cholesterol vary is perfect for your wellness. But if all the cholesterol is not used it tends to obtain, producing ill wellness and giving rise to various centre conditions. How can you identify your normal cholesterol levels?

Now, the question that takes place in your mind would be, “How do you determine what normal cholesterol is and what is higher cholesterol amounts levels?” This can be classified and centred on the total cholesterol value and the rate that elevates excellent and bad cholesterol. The right amounts are identified by understanding the reasonable stage for LDL and HDL lipoproteins and triglycerides that existing in the system. Cholesterol is a material made of fats and healthy proteins. There are three major elements of cholesterol existing in the blood flow, which are crucial in understanding your exact reasonable cholesterol value.

Low solidity lipoprotein (LDL), higher solidity lipoprotein (HDL) and triglycerides are the main types sailing along with the system. You need to mix all three to discover the reasonable normal cholesterol for a normal and balanced lifestyle. High amounts of LDL and triglycerides cause unbreakable harm to wellness, which can be unfortunate for a man or for a woman. They build cavity inducing plaque build-up around the designs of the veins, preventing and preventing the frequent circulation. This preventing of the veins leads to coronary heart which can causes cardiac arrest or a heart stroke.

Guidelines and Figures to Sort Out Your Cholesterol Levels

Normal cholesterol vary can be recognized by your doctor mixing all the principles of cholesterol elements together. Though, the bad demands much higher awareness due to its harm producing wellness problems. To uncover and then treat cholesterol scientifically, here are the numbers suggested by The National Cholesterol Education Program:

Normal Cholesterol Levels Readings

The normal blood flow cholesterol examining should be less than 200 mg/dL. The suitable parts for LDL should be50 mg/dL and triglycerides should be

Borderline High Levels Readings

The borderline higher cholesterol amounts examining is in between 200-239 mg/dL. The borderline vary of LDL is in between 130 – 160 mg/dL, HDL is between 50 – 35 mg/dL and triglycerides is in between 150 – 500 mg/dL.

High Cholesterol Levels Readings

The higher cholesterol examining is more than 240 mg/dL. The higher vary of LDL is >240 mg/dL, HDL is500 mg/dL.

What safety measures to take after understanding your normal cholesterol readings?

Individuals with normal cholesterol are strong individuals with low risk from cardio general conditions. These individuals need to discover treatments to control and maintain cholesterol variations so that they always remain in a normal and balanced condition.

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