UltaLife Premium Cholesterol Support

Premium CHOLESTEROL Support is a 100% natural, safe daily supplement that helps support healthy cholesterol levels. Containing well known cholesterol-lowering ingredients, Premium CHOLESTEROL Support is the complete herbal blend that you can TRUST to keep your Cholesterol Levels where you want them to be.

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Enhance your heart health and cholesterol with this daily, plant sterol-based, supplement. It contains 50 mg of high-grade cayenne which helps reduce the plaque build-up along the arterial walls, thereby enhancing heart health. It also contains 50 mg of garlic which helps to support healthy weight and immune system health.

UltaLife Premium Cholesterol Support Main Benefits:

  • Premium CHOLESTEROL Support is a 100% natural cholesterol management supplement that helps support healthy cholesterol levels and immune system.
  • It contains ingredients well known for lowering cholesterol such as Niacin, Plant Sterols, Gugulipids, Cayenne herb powder, Garlic herb powder and Policosanol.
  • Best Cholesterol Supplements to lower cholesterol naturally so you can protect your heart health in Easy To Swallow Pills.
  • It contains Natural Herbs like Niacin, which is important to help increase HDL, Good Cholesterol, and Garlic, which helps combat LDL, Bad Cholesterol & Triglycerides.
  • Always made in the USA in an FDA Registered Facility, UltaLife’s Premium CHOLESTEROL Support also carries the GMP Seal for Good Manufacturing Practices. It’s safe for daily use and manufactured to the strictest quality assurance standards. UltaLife is a name you can TRUST.

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