Puer Tea

Puer Tea is one of the top class tea better known as black tea in China and East Asia. It is classified as post-fermented teas due to the process to make the tea where it has undergone an ‘aging’ period where the tea is exposed to the air for months for oxidation to happen.

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Bigelow I Love Lemon with Vitamin C Herbal Tea Bags, 20 Count Box (Pack of 6) Caffeine Free Herbal Tea, 120 Tea Bags Total
  • Citrus Delight: I Love Lemon with Vitamin C Herbal Tea is an invigorating lemony tea. Caffeine free and the added hibiscus gives it a fruity tart aroma and flavor you can enjoy anytime. Enjoy as a hot tea or iced tea
  • Individually Wrapped: Bigelow Tea always come individually wrapped in foil pouches for peak flavor, freshness and aroma to enjoy everywhere you go! Gluten-free, calorie-free, and Kosher Certified
Teeccino Prebiotic SuperBoost™ Herbal Tea – Dark Chocolate – Support Your Probiotics with Vegan GOS & Organic XOS For Good Gut Health and Regularity, Digestive Chocolate Tea, 25 Tea Bags
  • GIVE YOUR GUT A BOOST WITH PREBIOTICS: Teeccino Prebiotic SuperBoost Herbal Teas contain 990 mg of prebiotics from plant-based GOS, XOS and inulin to nourish your probiotics, the beneficial microflora that improve gut health and regularity while stimulating nutrient absorption and immunity.
  • TASTES LIKE HOT CHOCOLATE BUT IT’S SUGAR FREE: Discover rich layers of dark chocolate from Ecuadorian cacao deepened by dark roasted, nutrient-rich ramón seeds, chocolaty Spanish carob, and prebiotic chicory. Satisfy your chocolate cravings any time of day with Teeccino
Alvita Organic Parsely Herbal Tea - Made with Premium Quality Organic Parsely Leaves, And Robust, Herbaceous Flavor, 72 Tea Bags (3 Pack)
  • Alvita Parsley Herbal Tea is made with premium-quality, organic parsley leaves, and has a robust, herbaceous flavor.
  • Alvita chooses only the highest quality organic, wildcrafted, or cultivated botanicals, perfectly prepared to provide you with the best Mother Nature has to offer.

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The longer the period for this oxidation will make the tea even more valuable and distinctive. The so called ‘black tea’ is actually brownish or dark reddish in colour, however, the longer this tea went the aging process, the darker it’s going to be.

When this tea is served, it’s mostly bitter in flavour, however the better grade type of puer tea makes it taste better. The Chinese loves it, but not all can drink this kind of tea as it is really expensive, depends on grade too. This puer tea is renowned for its massive benefits to one’s health.

What The Tea Can Do For You?

It can help to lower the blood cholesterol levels. Puer tea can help to enhance the blood circulation and boost the blood flow throughout the body.

Puer has the natural ability to prevent the formation of cancer cells

The tea helps in our digestion problem

This tea also helps to improve spleen functions thus a stronger immune system.

Puer tea, the best tea of its grade is pickup to be part of Tava Tea ingredients. It’s no doubt, Tava tea has so much to offer in term of helping to lower cholesterol and reduce fat.

In long term, the tea is the best weight loss solution. For decades and centuries, people who drink tea maintain a healthy body that can last for a long time.

Although puer tea is bitter and for some it is not acceptable, but when it blends with other ingredient in Tava tea, you get a different taste which is so aromatic and delicious. Puer tea is a perfect for cholesterol lowering diet.

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