Nutrim Natural oat bran beta glucan cholesterol-lowering product by Oathealth is a supplement that contains concentrated oat bran fibre taken to help lower cholesterol.

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Oathealth is a website that promotes products for healthy diets from oats, fibre and other sources found in nature. A company called FutureCeuticals, Inc. developed Nutrim Natural oat bran.

High cholesterol is a huge health issue and if you have high cholesterol you know how hard it is to stick to those bland low-cholesterol diets. Nutrim Natural oat bran supplement is the perfect solution.

The easiest way to lower cholesterol is to keep “bad” cholesterol from reaching the liver. Nutrim attaches itself to the cholesterol that gets into your system through fatty foods and carries them out of your system. When “bad” cholesterol is stopped from entering the body, your system now has a chance to produce beneficial amounts of cholesterol.

Nutrim provides an easier method to be proactive with lowering cholesterol than with diet alone. Instead of starving yourself, add the suggested amount of Nutrim to two meals each day. This has the same effect as eating three bowls of oatmeal. Nutrim Natural oat bran is tasteless so you can add it to any number of things.

FutureCeuticals offers a full line of grain-based supplements that promote healthy hearts. These include BarleyTrim, CalorieControl Trim, RiceTrim, and SoyTrim.

Most of the other fiber supplements on the market like BeneFiber, TruFiber, and Citrucel are formulated to improve regularity. They can help with cholesterol as long as you are following a strict; low-cholesterol diet.

Nutrim Natural oat bran product is pure oats. The part of the oat that acts to limit cholesterol production (known as beta-glucan) is removed and made into a powder. It’s like having concentrated oatmeal.

You decide how you want to take it: in a bowl of soup, in a beverage, or sprinkled over vegetables, and without worrying about side effects. Nutrim Natural even provides recipes that include their natural oat bran.

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