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Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Best Ways To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

If you want to keep fit and healthful, you should really stay an eye on your cholesterol intake. There are all-natural strategies of reducing cholesterol if it is out of handle. The initially all-natural way is by taking your eating plan seriously. There are also dietary supplements that will assist you to lower your cholesterol. For diets high in saturated fats, consuming extra fibre wealthy foods could possibly guide lower your cholesterol level.

This is a superb spot to get started in having your physique wholesome and in shape. The all-natural methods of reducing cholesterol are painless to hold as extended as you are patient and prepared to stick to a handful of guidelines.

Eat even more vegetables and vegetable oils. Raise your intake of plant sterols in your physique by way of yogurts, fortified margarines, salad dressings, cream cheese. This will also improve your phytostanols. Plant sterols are also on the market in supplement form. While not really hard to get, they can be a tiny pricey, but ultimately an effortless, efficient, and handy all-natural way to lower cholesterol.

Lestrin is also a plant sterol accessible in supplements which is produced accessible in pharmacies, shops, independent chemists and health food shops. Individuals have claimed that garlic and nuts have no impact in minimizing cholesterol, but there is also a percentage that proves they aid lower cholesterol in our physique.

Low in saturated fats, nuts, particularly walnuts are specifically effective for decreasing cholesterol a lot more than expected. This may perhaps be a high-fat food, but it is wealthy in monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat. Scientists have shown that these supplements include plant proteins which impact cholesterol levels.

Omega three fatty acids enable lower your cholesterol effortlessly. Fish oil supplements are appropriate and useful to enhance the superb cholesterol specifically stable fish oil. This does a much better job than the ordinary fish oil we get in the industry.

Red yeast rice is recognized to be the most useful way to fight LDL. This is deemed the greatest dietary agent of it all. Red yeast rice is on the market in the form of cholestin which is a dietary supplement. In recent research, it has been confirmed that cholestin has lowered cholesterol successfully as statins. This is so since cholestin consists of a quantity of all-natural statin which assists stop the Raise in cholesterol.

Fresh fish is the ideal delicacy for the summer time season and the most effective factor is that it can aid in decreasing cholesterol magnificently.

If you are suffering from high cholesterol, you must initial seek advice from your major care physician just before generating any adjustments in your eating plan.

Cholesterol: Is one of the few things that can make your heart stop and fry your brain, quite literally. Remember that high levels of cholesterol can be dangerous, which is why your doctor’s face has turned such a pale shade of green when he reads the results of your blood test. However, never fear, Low Cholesterol Lifestyle Change is here.

There are ways that you can help combat your high cholesterol, and there are ways of lowering cholesterol naturally. These methods of lowering cholesterol are actually quite easy to implement, and they can help you lower your cholesterol as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remember that lowering cholesterol means lowering your LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol. There are many things that can combat your LDL, but you can find that information on the How to Lower LDL Cholesterol page. This page deals with the subject of how to lower your total cholesterol, and how to do so without taking medications.

The Cholesterol Medications page deals with the drugs you can take, and you will find the many side effects of these medications. This page is all about a few simple lifestyle changes that you can make in order to lower your cholesterol levels.

There are three aspects of how you can do that:

1. Dieting :– This doesn’t mean starving yourself in order to lower your cholesterol, but it will require a bit of a change in the foods you eat.

2. Exercise :– Yes, you will have to take your hands out of the bag of chips, get up off the couch, wash your hands to get rid of the chip remnants, and get your heart pumping by doing mild to moderate exercise.

3. Lifestyle :– This includes sleeping more at night, reducing the amount of stress in your life, quitting your nasty habit of smoking, and basically living a more healthy life.

Read on to find out how you can change these three aspects of your life.

Following a healthy diet is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your cholesterol at healthy levels. Healthy, unfortunately, doesn’t always mean the most delicious foods, but you can be certain that the best foods to lower cholesterol can be prepared in delicious recipes. You may find that you don’t enjoy your bowl of stewed apples as much as a tasty cheeseburger, but you have to think about your cholesterol rather than your taste buds. Cholesterol is no joke, and a few weeks of suffering eating foods that you don’t particularly enjoy is a much better choice than having heart attacks or strokes due to your high cholesterol.

There are a few foods that you should eat to help lower your cholesterol levels:

  • Oats are some of the best foods that you can eat to lower your cholesterol naturally, as they are rich in protein and minerals while being low in fat. You can lower your cholesterol by 5% by eating a bowl of oats for breakfast over the course of six weeks, as the oats actually absorb your LDL cholesterol and eliminates them in your waste.
  • Red wine, fortunately for you, is a great food to lower your total cholesterol effectively. You can enjoy a glass of dark red wine with your dinner, and you will find that the retinoids in the red wine can lower your cholesterol by as much as 9%. Now you have an excuse to drink at dinner.
  • Fish, particularly salmon, will help to control your cholesterol. The Omega-3 fatty acids in the fish can elevate HDL cholesterol levels as much as 4%, meaning that your HDL shields will be up and defending your body against the bad LDL. Fish is quite nutritious, very delicious, and easy to prepare in a way that you will actually enjoy eating.
  • Nuts are rich in natural fats that your body needs, and you will find that a controlled amount of nuts can lower your cholesterol effectively. If you eat an ounce or two of nuts every day for a month, you can lower your total cholesterol by over 5%. Be careful not to go too nuts for the nuts, as they are high in fat and will cause more problems if you eat more than the recommended amount.
  • Beans, the magical fruit, are great at lowering total cholesterol. Eating a bowl of beans every day can help you to lower your total cholesterol by as much as 8%, which will be effective in helping you prevent the high cholesterol symptoms like heart attacks, strokes, and death. It doesn’t matter what kind of beans you eat, so long as you add them to your weekly menu.
  • Tea, particularly green tea, is rich in antioxidants that help to protect your body from all the bad cholesterol that will cause problems in your body. Green and black tea both are excellent for lowering your cholesterol, and you can reduce cholesterol in your body by as much as 10% in just 3 weeks by drinking a cup or two of tea every day.
  • Chocolate, food of the gods, is effective at lowering your cholesterol. However, only the dark, semi-sweet or bitter-sweet chocolates will help, as the dark chocolate contains an antioxidant that can elevate your HDL levels by as much as 24%. White and milk chocolate will do next to nothing, so don’t go stuffing your face with Snickers bars and tell your friends that it will help lower your cholesterol.
  • Margarine, not butter, is made with plant oils instead of cream. The plant oils that are used to make margarine can be infused with plant sterols that will help to control your total cholesterol levels. The more plant sterols you eat, the better chance your body has of fighting the cholesterol. You can lower your cholesterol by 3.5% just by eating a bit of plant sterol-enriched margarine every day.
  • Spinach, the least favorite vegetable of children around the world, is packed with an antioxidant called lutein. Lutein acts like the oil in the feathers of a goose, and the cholesterol will simply slide off the walls of your arteries without plaque accumulating in the exact same way water slides right off a duck’s back.
  • Avocadoes are rich in a monounsaturated fat that will raise HDL cholesterol levels while keeping LDL levels low. Make sure to eat a limited amount of these vegetables, however, as they are rich in calories and fat.
  • Garlic, aside from its properties in driving away vampires and friends, can help to add flavor to your dishes while preventing the buildup of cholesterol in your body. Garlic shields the arterial walls against plaque buildups, thus preventing cholesterol from causing problems.
  • Olive oil is excellent for your heart, as the fatty acids in the oil keep LDL levels in check.

All of these foods are the best to eat for naturally lowering your cholesterol, and they should become a staple of your diet.

Aside from all the great foods that you need to eat, here are some foods to avoid at all costs:

  • Fatty meats
  • Saturated fats
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Whole fat dairy products
  • Processed foods
  • Fried foods
  • Baked goods

Yes, unfortunately for you, all of your favorite meals, desserts, and snacks are included in this list. You will need to eat all the leafy greens and low-fat foods you can get your hands on if you want to lower your cholesterol. It will be well worth it, as eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can help you avoid the mild side effects of high cholesterol, such as death.


Doing regular exercise, aside from keeping you looking good and slim, is one of the best ways to lower your cholesterol. Exercise is one of the most important parts of your life, and you need to do regular exercise if you want to stay healthy. In fact, it is probably due to your lack of exercise that you are experiencing problems with high cholesterol, and thus you need to make some changes to your daily habits to include more exercise.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on your stationary bike for hours, lifting hundreds of pounds at the gym, or spending your entire weekend doing weird Yoga postures and stretches. Exercise means three things:

  • Getting your heart pumping
  • Breathing hard
  • Burning fat

You will need to do exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, though an hour is recommended. By doing regular exercise, you obtain a number of benefits that will help you keep your total cholesterol levels low: Exercise helps the insulin produced by your body to work more effectively. Insulin helps to regulate the levels of glucose in your body, and it also helps you to burn fat, particularly around your belly. Keeping your belly fat controlled will help to keep your cholesterol levels low, and exercise is the only thing you can do to effectively turn the Jell-O on your tummy into muscle.

Exercise helps to regulate the lipids in your body, lipids being the second L in LDL(low density lipoproteins) cholesterol. Controlling the lipids populating your body will ensure that there are no cholesterol “traffic jams” that can cause problems. Exercise will help to lower LDL and triglycerides while elevating HDL.

Exercise helps to keep your blood pressure at a steady level. Elevated blood pressure can result in damage to your heart, so keeping your blood pressure low as you try to combat the cholesterol is important.

Exercise helps to prevent obesity, which is usually accompanied by high cholesterol. Staying trim and at a healthy weight will ensure that the levels of cholesterol in your body stay low, and exercise is vital for staying at a decent weight and body fat percentage.

Exercise boosts your metabolism, which means that more calories and fats are burned for energy. The more your metabolism burns, the less is stored around your body in the form of fatty deposits.

Exercise helps to prevent stress and control the production of cortisol in your body. If you are feeling overtired or stressed, you are much more likely to eat “comfort foods” that make you feel good. Doing exercise gives you the energy to follow a healthy diet and the willpower to stop yourself from sticking that handful of chips in your mouth. Put it down now!!!

Exercise actually helps you to feel happier, which means that you will feel more content with your efforts to lose weight and lower cholesterol. Happiness is important when you are following a low cholesterol diet, as you are avoiding all of your favorite foods.

Exercise makes your brain work better and run faster. While this may not help you lower your cholesterol, it will certainly keep your body energized. Having more energy helps you do more exercise, which leads to further cholesterol lowering.

It doesn’t matter what you do for exercise, so long as you actually do something.

You can:

  • Run
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Climb
  • Lift weights
  • Rake your yard
  • Run around your house screaming at the top of your lungs
  • Chase your children
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Take up martial arts
  • Do Yoga
  • Surf
  • Sword fight and pretty much anything else that gets your heart going.

The most important thing to remember is that physical activity is the key to keeping your cholesterol levels low, and starting an exercise program will help you to that.

Changing Your Lifestyle

When it comes to the life you lead, you may find that there are a number of things that lead to your elevated cholesterol levels. These things include:

1. Smoking

Smoking not only lowers the levels of HDL in your body, but it can actually damage the lining of your arterial walls.

Every time you smoke, you basically remove the shielding that prevents cholesterol from building up on the walls of your arteries. If you are working on lowering cholesterol naturally, you will find that stubbing out that last cigarette for the last time will help you. And no, you can’t have “just one last one” over and over again. Stopping once and for all is the only way that you will control your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

2. Drinking

Alcohol is full of sugar, and sugar is the first thing that your body converts into fat. The more alcohol you drink, the more cholesterol you are ingesting in your body. Beer, in particular, is one of the worst alcoholic drinks to ingest, as you are drinking a beverage that is high in calories and fat. Drinking too much alcohol is like sucking down a can of concentrated cholesterol, so cut out drinking as much as possible. The only thing that you should drink is the occasional glass of red wine, and you will find that drinking some red wine with your dinner can help you to get a good night’s sleep, lower your stress levels, and help to control your cholesterol.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep produces a hormone that makes you think you are hungry instead of tired, and thus you eat more. You have less willpower when you are tired, so you turn to the first thing you can grab, which is usually a snack of chips or cookies instead of carrot sticks and apple slices. Getting enough sleep is also the only way that you can control your blood pressure and your internal functions, and you will find that sleeping well at night is the best way to lower your cholesterol naturally. Combining a good night’s sleep with your foods to lower cholesterol and exercise plan will help you to ensure that your body remains as cholesterol-free as possible.

4. Having a stressful lifestyle

Stress is responsible for the creation of the hormone cortisol, which leads to elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol. Not taking enough time to relax will cause high blood pressure and cholesterol both, so it is essential that you reduce the amount of stress you have in your life. Take up a hobby, quit your job, work from home, start enjoying the weekends, and do whatever it takes to reduce the stress you have in your life. Not only will you enjoy your life much more as you reduce stress, but you will be able to lower you cholesterol levels and stay as healthy as possible.

These are the three main things that you need to do if you are serious about lowering cholesterol naturally. Start making the changes in your life today and you will find that you can maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body. Even if you don’t want to do all these things, compare the pros of doing them against the drawbacks of having a heart attack or stroke. Enough said.

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Going the natural course is always the best way to go, at least with most of the disorders that have to do with your heart health. If you want to know how to lower cholesterol naturally, there are many things that you can do to lower bad cholesterol easily without the need for medications. In fact, it is best to stay away from medications as much as possible, as going the natural route will help the body to stay as healthy as possible.

Finding natural ways to lower cholesterol is important, as the natural ways are the ones that will help to strengthen your body rather than leave it weaker.

Lowering your cholesterol can be done, but you have to learn how to lower bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol levels at the same time. You will have to work at reducing cholesterol in your body (no, eating more food and sleeping more doesn’t count as work), but it can be done with the right lifestyle changes.

There are many ways that you can change your lifestyle habits to be healthier, such as doing more exercise and quitting smoking.

However, the foods that you eat (and don’t eat) will play a central role in your fight against cholesterol. There are certain good cholesterol foods that you need to eat in order to be healthy, and you need to change your habits to desire these foods more.

Natural Ways of Lowering Your Cholesterol:

Not Eating What’s Wrong

The battle for cholesterol begins before you ever start eating what’s right, as eating the wrong foods will cause your cholesterol will go through the roof. Everyone knows that there are certain foods that will cause cholesterol to be raised, specifically: * Fried foods

  • Foods with artificial ingredients
  • Sugar foods
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol (if consumed without moderation)
  • Meat

All of these foods will contribute to elevating your cholesterol levels, and thus it is essential that you avoid these foods as much as possible.

If you are one of the 6.6 billion people in the world that enjoy eating, then it is probably going to be hard for you to stop eating these foods. Most people who start a diet notice that the foods they enjoy most are the ones that are the least healthy for them, and thus they feel like they have to suffer in order to eat what is right.

However, avoiding eating the wrong foods is the only way that you will actually be able to avoid causing heart problems with your high cholesterol. It is essential that you try and keep your food consumption to a minimum, as keeping your weight in control is a good way to help avoid high cholesterol. As much of a challenge as it will be, avoiding eating those foods that are unhealthy will be the best way to avoid cholesterol related heart problems.

Eating What’s Right

Avoiding the foods that are bad for you is only the first half of the formula to cholesterol-defeating success. If you want to stay healthy and free of cholesterol related problems, you have to do what you can to eat the foods that will actually improve your heart health. If you cut out the foods that are bad for you, it is much more likely that the foods you eat will be the ones that will improve your health.

The truth of the matter is that some foods will only help to maintain your cholesterol at a certain level, but will not help to lower it. You actively have to search for the foods that will benefit your body and help to reduce the cholesterol levels in your body if you want to get rid of your cholesterol problems. By eating the right foods, you can improve your chances of a long, happy, and heart attack-free life.

What is Right to Eat?

There are certain foods that you should actively learn about and try to eat if you want to know how to lover cholesterol naturally:

1. Soy protein is one of the best foods that you can eat, as it is rich in protein but one of the lowest-cholesterol foods you can find. Even just adding a few grams of soy to your daily diet can boost the production of HDL cholesterol in your body, thus effectively getting rid of the LDL cholesterol thanks to all of the healthy nutrients that are easier to get from soy than from meat.

2. Blueberries are like all the other berries you can find: they contain tons of antioxidants. The antioxidants in blueberries will help to lower the levels of bad cholesterol effectively, potentially as effectively as any medication can. They prevent the cholesterol from oxidizing, thus preventing it from becoming plaque on the arterial walls.

3. Garlic is a magical fruit (magical in its abilities to make you smell awful at least), and it is very effective in the fight against cholesterol thanks to its unique property called allicin. This antioxidant is incredibly powerful, and is able to fight high blood pressure and prevent cholesterol from building up.

4. Fish is one of the best sources of Omega 3, a fatty acid that is needed by the body to thin the blood and prevent blood clots. Fish helps to fight triglycerides, which are the forgotten distant cousin of LDL cholesterol. Omega 3 can also help the body to produce more HDL, thus making it one of the best things to take in the fight against cholesterol.

5. Nuts are rich in oils, fatty acids, Vitamin E, fiber, and a host of other nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Eating a small amount of nuts on a daily basis will help to prevent problems with cholesterol, as they maintain the levels of cholesterol at a steady minimum thanks to the natural fats and plant sterols.

6. Plant sterols help to prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol, and they can be effective in keeping the levels of LDL and triglycerides low. They are found in nearly every type of vegetable and vegetable product.

7. Apples are surprisingly effective ammunition in the fight against cholesterol, as they contain a lot of fiber. The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is very accurate, as the fiber prevents the body from absorbing cholesterol, lowers your risk of having a heart attack, reduces the chances of strokes, and prevents your arteries from hardening.

8. Olive oil is a natural oil that is rich in antioxidants, which is one reason that so many doctors recommend it. If you are trying to fight your LDL, consider taking olive oil to reduce the levels of this harmful lipoprotein. Olive oil can also increase the levels of HDL in your body, thus giving you backup to fight off the harmful cholesterol.

9. Beans are incredibly rich in fiber, and they are one of the best proteins to eat. Not only can they give your body a lot of the fiber it needs to absorb cholesterol, but they are rich in protein with none of the fat that is found in meat and poultry. They both lower LDL and elevate HDL, making them one of the best foods to eat in order to fight cholesterol.

10. Oats contain more fiber than the majority of the foods that you can eat, and fiber plays a crucial role in the fight against high cholesterol. The fiber in oats and oatmeal can help to prevent the body from absorbing the LDL, as well as prevent it from producing more. Adding even a few cups of oatmeal to your weekly diet will have a huge impact on your cholesterol levels, and you will notice the difference almost immediately.

These are some of the foods that you need to eat more of if you want to stay healthy and avoid problems with high cholesterol, and you should do what you can to incorporate them more into your daily diet. It may be more expensive to eat some of these foods, but can you really put a price on your health and a freedom from the worries that come with high cholesterol?

It is going to take you some time to get adjusted to the new eating habits that you will need to form as you fight off cholesterol, but it is totally worth it. After all, think about what you can do once your high cholesterol is gone and you are losing weight. The sky is the limit when it comes to eating right, so make the healthy choices as much as possible to give yourself a better life.

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