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How To Lower Cholesterol Through Diet?

How To Lower Cholesterol Through Diet

One of the best methods for reducing cholesterol is by diet. People have learned this from teenagers who undergo extreme dieting to stay slim as they think cholesterol is responsible for obesity. To stay healthy reducing the cholesterol content is a primary necessity. Whenever the amount of cholesterol in our body becomes high it causes disease which may lead to death.

Hypertension, heart disease and diabetics have cholesterol as its root cause. These diseases are normally found more among people in middle and old ages. This is because when people become old their body responds slowly to convert fats into energy and hence most of the fats remain unconverted and deposited in the body. So, therefore, doctors advice old people to take in cholesterol free foods because no cholesterol no fats.

What Is Cholesterol?

When asked about it to people, no one really seems to know what it is, but most of the people’s opinion about cholesterol is that, it is evil. People are very ignorant such that when someone gets a heart problem they conclude that it is due to cholesterol. But for strong body cholesterol is required.

How? They are responsible for the birth of bile salts, formation of vitamin D and also to control the level of hormones such that our body becomes balanced. However, over cholesterol may result in fats storing in the walls of the arteries which prevents the pumping of pure blood to all the parts of the body.

LDL and HDL are the two types of cholesterol which is present in the body. LDL is the evil son of cholesterol which is responsible for storing the fats in the artery walls. Whenever these are high, it continues to accumulate fats till the passage shuts down so that blood is not pumped out of the heart resulting in cardiac arrest.

Saturated fats and Trans fatty kinds are the mother of the LDH cholesterol. These are found in potato chips and also in canned goods which use preservatives.

HDL is a good son to its mother. It is responsible for reducing the activities of his evil brother. HDL is required to make sure that the content of fats in heart is always low. HDL removes the unwanted fats from the arteries and takes them directly to the liver where they are converted into energy. HDL is abundantly found in nuts, fishes and other sea foods.

In order to reduce the amount of LDL, foods which are rich in fibre such as fruits, oats, cereals, legumes must be consumed regularly. So lower the amount of LDL, lower the risk of heart disease and it results in a healthy life.

Factors Which Reduce Cholesterol

The cholesterol levels may vary for one individual to another. Age and gender also plays an important part in cholesterol level. That is the average cholesterol level for a teenager may not be as same as that of an old man. Apart from diet, physical exercises are a must to keep the cholesterol in a controlled level. During exercises, the unwanted fats which are stored in the body are burnt away. So, the amount of LDL cholesterol also reduces.

During a diet session, a person consumes only little amount of food so after burning out the consumed food for energy, the stored fats are then used when extra amount of energy is required.

Reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body is not a mighty task. A person who is determined to follow a strict diet with continuous exercise can do it easily. So, next times when you eat a potato chip or canned food think about your heart and then you would have saved some amount of fats entering into your body.

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