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How To Control Cholesterol

How To Control Cholesterol

Cholesterol Control Is Easy With The Right Choices

Cholesterol control is something you can do easily with the right diet and supplements. Even if your cholesterol levels are good, follow these tips for continued good cholesterol and heart health.

Cholesterol control can be as easy as getting your daily Vitamin C. People who eat diets rich in Vitamin C have been shown to have higher levels of the good high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol that helps to reduce the bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. Fruits and vegetables are a particularly good source as they also contain pectin, a substance that helps to remove cholesterol from your system. Great choices include apples, pears, tomatoes, strawberries, and spinach.

Cholesterol Control

Another effective method of cholesterol control is Vitamin E. Consuming 400 International Units (IU) per day has been shown to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol while improving the good HDL cholesterol. Vitamin E is found in natural sources such as vegetable oils, nuts, and grains, but you may need to take an additional supplement to reach the 400 IU target. Speak to your doctor before taking Vitamin E or any other supplements.

Garlic has also been demonstrated as an effective form of cholesterol control. While you probably would not eat enough garlic through your diet to attain any benefits to for cholesterol, odourless garlic pills can do the trick. They are available at most health food stores.

A somewhat more controversial form of cholesterol control is alcohol. Studies have shown that one or two drinks a day, particularly red wine, can increase the amount of HDL cholesterol. However, having more than two drinks will increase blood-clotting triglycerides in your system, and will also increase your weight. Further, there are other beverages that can help increase your HDL cholesterol without the potential negative impacts of alcohol consumption, including green tea and grape juice.

Making the right food and beverage choices will ensure you have cholesterol control.

Is Exercise The Best Way For Controlling Your Cholesterol?

Cholesterol above the normal level (240 mg/dL high cholesterol) is identified as a risk; therefore, one should visit a doctor for medication. When a person has high cholesterol, the person is at risk of having a heart attack, high blood pressure or even stroke. Therefore, when a person is identified of having high cholesterol, a person should maintain medication in order to sustain.

In terms of having a low cholesterol diet, a person should avoid animal products because they are the ones having high cholesterol, also the egg yolks and dairy products have high cholesterol. Avoiding these foods helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

Instead of eating meat as a source of protein, having fish as alternative gives the person a low cholesterol and that there are fishes that are rich in omega 3 which is good for the heart, fishes like mackerel and salmon are rich in omega 3; with regards to dairy products, instead of having full cream milk ones should have a skimmed milk because skimmed milk tends to have a low cholesterol.

Having a diet to have low cholesterol level is not easy because the foods rich in cholesterol are really delicious and they really taste good. They are not easy to avoid therefore, self motivation and self control are really needed.

The most effective ways to reduce cholesterol is diet as discussed above and the other one is exercise. Exercising is good for the body because it helps in proper blood circulation and helps in attaining the body’s flexibility. When the body is flexible, it promotes the muscle tone. Our body should have a regular exercise so that we will have a proper blood circulation, having a proper blood circulation is good because it helps us avoids many diseases.

Having a proper blood circulation ensures us that the organs of the body have an adequate supply of oxygen, as we all know oxygen is the necessary for our organs and the oxygen is delivered by the blood so therefore, even 15 minutes of walking per day helps a lot in having a proper circulation. Even a small walk helps a lot because as long as one is moving the body it is already an exercise rather than just sitting and staring at the television wherein it is only the eye balls that are moving.

Lowering the cholesterol level is much better when one is also with medication because medication is really helpful, though one is on diet and with regular exercise, having medication is really helpful because the cardiovascular diseases are considered the leading causes of death and that when it attacks, it attacks in the most unexpected time of the day or in times wherein you didn’t expect it. Being prepared is much better than not caring at all because once you will know you have high cholesterol; you would really expect the cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol Screening Test – A Tool In Controlling Cholesterol Problems

Most doctors would suggest that the cholesterol screening test be conducted at least once every five years. For those patients who are twenty years and above, the test is performed to help the patient understand that risks of very high levels of bad cholesterol. This cholesterol screening test is done to gather data that includes the HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels.

Frequency of Testing

This testing frequency is suggested for those that are typically undiagnosed with high doses of cholesterol. However, there are times when the patient is in need of constant cholesterol screening tests. This is performed especially on patients who have the previous diagnosis of extreme cholesterol levels that need to be reduced with dieting and exercising. If the doctors suggest a regular examination, they should follow it to the letter.

Generally, the examination of the cholesterol screening test is performed to detect whether there are changes or reactions to the treatment. If special diets and medications are being prescribed by the doctor, the patient should be able to conduct the necessary cholesterol screening test to assure that the treatment is effective and successful. If the cholesterol screening shows a dip in the level, then most probably it is a successful treatment process.

The most basic condition when a cholesterol screening test should be done is when the patient is in good health. When the patient is already suffering from serious illnesses such as heart attacks and stroke, the cholesterol screening test should be performed at least six weeks after the attack occurred. A good healthy patient is the ideal subject who will determine the levels of the fats and cholesterol.

In the medical world, there seems to be not enough evidence that the performing the cholesterol screening test will benefit the patient. However, this has been proven otherwise as when the patient discovers his cholesterol levels, he becomes aware of the lifestyle that he or she is living. There are patients out there who discovered way too late that they have high levels of cholesterol. Taking the test was way too late for them as they suffered heart attacks or strokes days after the testing.

Experts suggest that for women in their middle age, they need to perform the cholesterol screening test as frequently as possible. Plus, before they take the tests, it is suggested by many that they perform it according to or based on the guidelines that have been set by their doctors and physicians. At times, it is advised to base the guidelines for the test according to the National Cholesterol Education Program that will discuss the risks and the sections of the cholesterol screening test.

The high cholesterol levels need to be treated as soon as possible. If a patient who is diagnosed with this condition allows the body to stay that way, it could be fatal. Early detection of the cholesterol level is a good way to manage it in the long run.

How to Control Cholesterol Risk & Reduce Use

Once we have been diagnosed, doing what we can to lower cholesterol levels has to be a priority. Otherwise, we increase chances that one day we encounter atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and heart attacks, angina, strokes and any other number of cardiovascular conditions.

The most common symptom of high cholesterol is atherosclerosis, a narrowing and hardening of the arteries. It disrupts the flow of blood in the body, leading to severe cardiovascular complications. This can include leg pain, ruptured blood vessels and blood clots, ruptured plaques and Exanthemas, a yellowish skin discoloration that can be prominent around the eyes.

High cholesterol is the result of lifestyle choices or a response to other medical conditions. If it is solely the impact of lifestyle, once diagnosed there’s a great chance of managing cholesterol better.

Here are a few common ideas on how to control cholesterol:

A doctor approved exercise regimen. Begin to eat vegetables, fruits, oats, whole grains and good fat content. Stay away from saturated fats. Get a good night’s sleep. Maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

While a healthy diet can have a significant impact on cholesterol levels, the medical community believes that individuals at high risk cannot depend on diet alone. It should be combined with other factors under the advisement of a doctor. There can be circumstances where medication may be administered to help control cholesterol.

Among the more common prescriptions are the following:

1. Statins block enzymes in the liver, aiming to lower cholesterol levels. Simple aspirins will likely be given to younger patients, 16 and under.

2. Drugs like gemfibrozil, clofibrate and fenofibrate will be used to lower triglyceride levels.

3. Triglycerides are a chemical that forms in most body fat and released when the body requires energy.

4. Niacin brings down cholesterol levels if used in high doses, which can only be acquired through prescription.

5. Anti-hypertension drugs will be administered if you have high blood pressure, a major contributor to high cholesterol.

Another great avenue for lowering cholesterol levels is the use of natural supplements like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like Omega 3 fish oil and CoQ10. You can discuss this option with your doctor or pharmacist.

Taking into account diet and any other medication you may be taking, they will advise the best supplements how to control cholesterol safely and more naturally.

Cholesterol Control

May be you’ve already had some information about beef and eggs that they get the reputation for breaking more heart than some others kind of foods, is all because they full of cholesterol.

But you cannot consider cholesterol entirely bad, the body of the people actually depending on it and produces it to aid protect nerves and build new hormones and cells. By producing their own cholesterol our bloods get cholesterol it need.

You are going to have a trouble when you will add to the cholesterol our bodies supply, which may happen when we get like food all-American diet, pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream, steaks or any that is are contain animal products.

In cholesterol control, excess cholesterol get along arterials walls you can have that excess clog arteries and restricts blood flow, bring it to angina pain stroke or heart attack.(That is also bring the gallstones).

After an exam if you doctor said that you get too much cholesterol in your blood, you probably have had an idea about the importance of limiting or eliminating, wish that you have to decrease.

Or put out its only dietary sources, eggs, meat, dairy products that you will get them, there are some way to control your cholesterol.

According discover that make by a scientist that we have both good (high density lipoprotein or HDL) and bad (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) cholesterol running into our bloodstream.

It is evident to get the control of your cholesterol. Taking vitamin E supplement help prevent the cholesterol in your bloods from plaguing, so lees damage it does said a dermatologist who are study the effect of vitamin E.

We see we can find vitamin E in vegetables grain, oil, and nut but to get 400IU per day diet along with it would be very difficult.

One thing to make sure you check with your doctor before starting the supplement program to your cholesterol control.

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