CholesterolCholestRX is a perfect addition to lower your cholesterol. It contains 300 mg. beta-sitosterol, 200 mg. beta-glucan, and 40 mg. soy isoflavones. It has shown that Beta-sitosterol lowers total cholesterol levels, including LDL cholesterol, in particular. It has been shown to improve their cholesterol levels, even without changing diet or exercise.

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It is the most studied most proven and effective supplement to lower their cholesterol. Several studies have also shown that beta glucan decreases total and LDL cholesterol, which is “bad cholesterol”.

It also increases HDL levels, the “good cholesterol”. As well as Beta Glucan and Beta sitosterol is believed to increase the secretion of bile in the gall to run, which are important to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 40 mg. soy isoflavones, 100 mg. soybean extract, consisting of isoflavones daidzein and Genest.

These isoflavones help lower LDL and help increase HDL levels. Harvard Medical School published in “The Heart Letter,” which examines the most part turned out to be more soy and a diet to lower cholesterol.

Each bottle contains CholestRX month. You should take two tablets a day, morning and evening. For better results take 1-2 g of linseed oil and 25 mg Guggul sterones with this.

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